Alumni & Past Students

Welcome to our Past Students Association (PSA) page where the Alumni of GPCC stay connected. ÿճԹϱ is an essential value in the College and therefore we wish to keep contact with as many past students as possible.

Our Past Students Association will provide an annual Past Students Newsletter with photos and news.  GPCC will offer help to hold reunions of past students at the College where a morning or afternoon tea along with a tour of the College will be provided.

If past students wish to hold Reunion Picnics for groups from a particular year (eg. 5 year reunion, 10 year reunion), we would welcome the opportunity to assist with this.  A dedicated email address for news and photos to be sent in (alumni@gpcc.nsw.edu.au) has been provided.  We also have a LinkedIn page and FaceBook that we invite you to join (see buttons below).

If you are interested in receiving the newsletter or an invitation to our reunions, please send us your email address so we can contact you. Any news or photos you have would be most appreciated. Please send to our email address above.

We are looking forward to serving the past students of ÿճԹϱ.

Below is a link to our Newsletters. Please click on this link and enjoy some news of past students you may know.