Teacher & Staff Profile

In order for our students to be shaped in accordance with our Graduate Profile, our teachers (and staff) must model what this looks like. Thus, a Teacher Profile will include all the elements of the Student Profile plus more that are specific to the task of teaching.

The Qualities and Practices of an Effective GPCC Teacher: 

Godly in Character – growing in faith, engaged in a local Church, Biblically literate; 

Collaborative – works well with colleagues, students, and parents; 

Strong Presence – listens actively, shows empathy, is patient, engaging, dynamic, enthusiastic, manages the classroom well, is adaptable, organised and clear, sets high expectations, instills confidence, and is well prepared; 

Life-long Learner – practices self-regulation, knows the content and how to teach it, engages in regular professional learning;


Creates a Supportive and Safe Environment – provides quality feedback, knows students and how they learn, displays pastoral care and concern for student welfare;

Uses a Range of Strategies – plans for and implements effective teaching and learning tools; 

Values Real-World Learning – applies it through learning opportunities

Creative and Critical Thinker – reflective, innovative, discerning, encourages new ideas and innovative approaches, fosters risk-taking in student learning;

Socially Engaged – with students in co-curricular activities, mission and service opportunities, has their own commitment to social engagement outside of school. 

Whatever the Year level or subject area they teach in, each GPCC teacher will be helped to develop the characteristics above.