College Fees

All Inclusive Fees

The tuition fee is all inclusive and covers camps, excursions and elective subjects. With the exception of a small number of optional activities (detailed in the Tuition Fee Schedule) there will be NO additional charges applied to your account during the year.


The College has a percentage sibling discount (family rebate) for the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent children in a family. Parents who pay the full year’s fee account within 7 days of the beginning of Term One will be entitled to a 3% discount on the total fee.

Enrolment Fee

When a new student is offered a position at the College, a non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $250 (capped at $500 for multiple enrolments) will be required to secure the position. The Enrolment Fee is NOT refundable if the student is withdrawn before his/her first day at the College.

Withdrawal of Students

Where a student is to be withdrawn from the College, parents must give 10 school weeks’ written notice (excluding School Holidays). Where such notice is not given, the College will charge ten (10) weeks’ notice fee plus GST in lieu of notice.

Fee Payment Via ezyCollect  

All College Tuition Fee payments are made through the ezyCollect online payment system. ezyCollect is a third-party payment processing service that provides a simple online platform providing you with the freedom to spready your payments weekly/fortnightly/monthly between February and November from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer.

Each parent receives a customised email invitation to establish their payments.

Phone: 4363 1266 between 9am and 4pm (AEST).
Email: fees@gpcc.nsw.edu.au

Tuition Fee Calculator

To receive an estimate of your school fees please use the below fee calculator.

An estimate will be viewable online as well as emailed to your nominated address.

Note that the student tuition fee at ÿճԹϱ is all inclusive and includes all camps, excursions and elective subjects. With the exception of a small number of optional activities (see following) there are NO additional charges applied to your account.

Charges for ALL standard curriculum-based excursions and camps are INCLUDED in the tuition fees for all students. The only exception to this is the optional student activities, such as mission trips (Compassion, AIM, etc), Duke of Edinburgh activities, Year 10 Dinner Dance, Year 12 Formal, curriculum based (Tonga Geography, Japanese, PDHPE Ski) trips and extra-curricular activities (Music Tutor and Band Program, instrument hire).